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Trust the Chem-Dry Routine

carpet cleaning hingham ma, carpet cleaners hingham maOur unique approach to carpet cleaning in Hingham, MA provides such a better experience for both you and your carpets. As the best in the industry, we offer affordable carpet cleaning while maintaining quality and providing the best care to your carpet. You can trust the technicians at Northeast Chem-Dry to treat your carpet in Hingham, MA like we would our own. We understand that sometimes you get too busy to spend the time and energy cleaning your own carpets, so let the professionals with the best equipment perform the service for you!

Chem-Dry Versus Steam Cleaners

Our methods leave your carpets clean and dry in 1-2 hours. You can’t deny that time. It’s way better than having rooms in your home out of commission for the 1-2 days that most steam cleaners in Hingham, MA require! The competition will try to convince you that dumping loads of water into your carpets is the best way to go, but we now better. Those methods actually deposit lots of sticky residue that won’t come up with their harsh suction, and you are then left with nasty carpets! We clean your carpets well, and we do it right the first time, so trust Northeast Chem-Dry over any other cleaner in Hingham, MA!

The Power of Carbonation

Our proprietary carbonated cleaning solution provides your carpets in Hingham, MA with a real treat. Millions of tiny, effervescent cleansing bubbles penetrated deep down in your carpet’s fibers, giving them a cleaning service that is not only extra-clean, but also extra healthy! Call today to hear more about our Power of Carbonation process offered by our expert technicians! The process mimics using club soda to remove the stain on a shirt, so you know it works!

Chem-Dry Green Cleaning

Since we are a green company in Hingham, MA, our solutions are non-toxic and safe for the environment. This means that our services are quicker, healthier, and more efficient! Your carpets deserve the best, which is why we create cleaning solutions that take care of them in a lasting way. At Northeast Chem-Dry, we are dedicated to bringing your safe cleaning solutions, not only to protect the plant, but also to protect your home and family.

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